2019 Most Valuable Performer - Maile Onsaga Maile gave us all 4 years of her high school career and made a splash from day 1. In her 4 years she accomplished about as much as any 1 performer could have accomplished. She was an all star, 4 year mainstage cast selection, 2 time MVP nominee, performed in 2 Championships, won 1 Championship, and performed on the League's Special Project Team for 2 years. Maile was predisposed to entertain. Her personality lights up a room, and her energy is unmatched. An improv stage was a perfect outlet for her to show the world who she is. Now that we know, the world is now her stage, and the world will enjoy her as much as we did for the past 4 years.
2018 Most Valuable Performer - Isaac Glover Isaac simply made you laugh. His ability to command attention made him a spectacle. Isaac as a senior was his team's coach. He helped his team to the Quarterfinals of the playoffs in 2018 and to the Final 4 in 2017, and defeated the League's defending Champs along the way all without a formal coach. Isaac's power as a performer is what helped him get so far in both of his season's. He's is truly the lovable figure you would want this award winner to be, and secretly the rest of the nominees were hoping he would win too. You didn't have to know Isaac to see that when he was on stage, he was the best in the room.
2017 Most Valuable Performer - Tirza Winesett Tirza is your start from the bottom and rise to the top feel good story. Tirza is now the only student in Jesters History to win the Most Improved Performer award, then coincidently and even more amazingly, she won this MVP award the following year. Tirza's rise from the student who was dragged into her first practice crying to MVP is a story that will be told for years to come. In only 2 seasons with a league All Star selection, multiple All Jesters Mainstage Team selections, and leading her team to a Championship Show appearance, Tirza may become one of the most decorated performers in Jesters History.
2016 Most Valuable Performer - James "Duke" Gilgallon Duke's first time doing improv led him to winning an MVP award ahead of 100's of other students. Duke wasn't sure on his first day of practice if he even wanted to try improv, so he signed his name "Duke" on the sign up list as a fake name in case he never wanted to come back. Duke stuck as his nickname, and the rest is history. Duke helped lead his new NWCTA team to a championship show with ECTA. Duke had the amazing benefit of being on the same team with another student who was nominated for MVP as well. The following season, Duke was nominated for MVP again. He helped his team to a final 4 appearance, just shy of performing in back to back Championship shows.
2015 Most Valuable Performer - Cameron Coleman Cameron transfered schools after his junior year and wanted to finish his 4th and final year with Jesters. With a newer team with varying levels of experience, Cameron helped lead this team to a Championship. This was Cameron's 2nd MVP award, as he holds the record as the only student to win the MVP award twice. Cameron's memorable personality led him to perform with the Jest Serendipity mainstage cast as performing remains a deep rooted passion of his.
2014 Most Valuable Performer - Cameron Coleman Cameron was apart of the Championship SECTA team that year. Cameron had a 3 headed monster of a team to where all 3 of the members on the team each brought something unique to the table. Cameron's strength besides his confidence and charisma, was his ability to make everyone around him look amazing, including the other team. Cameron won the MVP award this year unanimously, and returned his senior year to win the same award again. Cameron is the only student to win the MVP award twice.
2013 Most Valuable Performer - Danny Scharar Danny, the other half of the Palo Verde "Baby Boys", won his 3rd consecutive Championship in 2013. To this day, Danny is still the only student to be apart of 3 championship teams in the High School Improv League. Not only did he win his 3rd Championship, he helped lead his new team to victory his senior year in front of a packed audience and celebrity judges. This was the first year Jesters officially handed out awards and how suiting it is to give the MVP award to the only reigning 3 time Jesters League Champion. Danny lives in Los Angeles with Brad pursuing his life and dreams as well. You can catch Danny doing improv, stand up comedy, sketch, etc as the "Baby Boys" are leaving their mark in Hollywood.
2012 Unofficial Most Valuable Performer - Samantha Elton This would be Sam's Junior year and 3rd year in the Improv League . Sam some how found a way to make it to the Championship all 4 years of her high school career. This particular year, with the hype surrounding the Palo Verde boys, Sam had a team of freshman around her and even her little brother who was an 8th grader at the time. Sam helped lead her young team to another Championship show. This season set Sam up to be the only "Student Instructor" Jesters has ever had in her senior year. With an award system still being put into place, Sam could not have officially won this award. However, this year in Jesters as well as Jesters history would not have been the same without Samantha Elton. Sam is now married with a child, living in Oregon and coming home to perform whenever she can.
2011 Unofficial Most Valuable Performer - Brad Calder Brad's passion has always been comedy. As a high school student and even to this day, he loved being on stage. He helped bring his Palo Verde improv team to Jesters to maximize the amount of opportunities he could have to perform. Jesters in their 2nd season, did not have an award system in place, but Brad filled Greeny's shoes from the year prior. Not only did he take the league by storm, this was the birth of the "Baby Boys" and they help start a 3 year run for Palo Verde that has not been matched to this day. Brad now lives in Los Angeles pursuing his dreams. Improv, stand up comedy, sketch... that's what you'll find him doing day in and day out.
2010 Unofficial Most Valuable Performer - Brandon Green "Greeny" as he was known, was a senior for Del Sol. Greeny quickly made an impact on the league and helped lead his team to a victory in the Championship show against Green Valley. Jesters being a pilot program it's first year, the Jesters awards were not voted on and given until 2013. However, credit should be given where it is due. Jesters would not be what it is today without the impact Greeny left on everyone involved that year. Brandon now performs with the mainstage cast of Jest Serendipity and coaches in the High School Jesters League. In 2017, Greeny's Chaparral improv team made it to the League Championship making Greeny the only person in Jesters history to win a Championship and coach a team to a Championship.
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