2019 Most Improved Performer - Gio Cervoni 2 years in a row, a Valley High School student wins the Most Improved Performer award. In Gio's case, almost his whole team graduated the year before leaving him to take the lead if he chose too. Gio from the first show of the season found out he wasn't playing with his old team anymore and he would have to perform at a different level in order to help his team. By the end of the season, Gio was a completely different performer then he was just 1 year prior. He earned the all star selection for his team, and is now eager and ready for his senior year as he is setting his eyes on bigger prizes.
2018 Most Improved Performer - Gabriel Angon This Valley High School student had quite a journey through his 3 years in the league. His first year, it was hard enough to understand him with his speech patterns alone. He grew to the point where he was a staple on their playoff team and even performed in his first all star show as a senior. His team fully supported Gabe as well as they knew he was the hardest working guy on the team. 3 different students on the team offer to give up their spot to give Gabe the chance to perform in other all star shows because they thought he deserved it. Gabe is an excellent example of hard work paying off. He spread his wings even more and started performing in plays as well!
2017 Most Improved Performer - Song Wu Durango high school student, Song entered her second season in the league on a a completely different foot. Her first season was hard for her. Scared taking the stage, she mainly hung in the background on her Durango team. She was on a brand new team of students who worked hard, but in the end no one seemed to work harder than Song. Her transformation not only earned her the Most Improved Performer award, it landed her a spot on the All Jesters Mainstage Cast. Song is not scared to talk anymore as she performed on her schools' playoff team, and is committed to improving even more. Watch out 2018!
2016 Most Improved Performer - Tirza Winesett Tirza's first year in the league was unexpected. She was a softball player who was dragged to the first day of Chaparral's improv practice by another fellow softball player. Tirza, at the time, was scared of human interaction so the thought of performing brought her to tears, literally. Her coach recognizing this, worked with Tirza and tried to give her an opportunity. Well, the rest is history. Tirza has taken every opportunity since. She not only got over her fear, she made her team's Playoff team and the All Jesters Mainstage Cast. Tirza caught the league's attention, and may have just found a new home, on stage, where she thrives and is now comfortable.
2015 Most Improved Performer - Roman Leija Roman was a typical rambunctious freshman in high school. He was goofy, and had a wild imagination. Roman's first show as a freshman was a new reality he had to comprehend, and no one seemed to do it faster. Roman not only turned his season around, he was voted into the League's All Star show. Roman turned into everyone's favorite performer. His enthusiasm for life and improv, along with his pleasant demeanor instantly made him a household name. The idea that he is only a freshman and the league has a possible chance at 3 more years with him is exciting. Roman's tearful acceptance of his award, is a testament to how well received and loved he his by the league.
2014 Most Improved Performer - Alexis Coleman Alexis's little brother is 2 time league MVP Cameron Coleman. Alexis, being a supportive sister came and watched her brothers shows for an entire season. The league fell in love with Cameron, and she got the itch. She gave improv a try the next season. She figured it out, then 2014, her second season, was Alexis' year. She was more shy then her brother hence why she just watched him for one season. But after figuring improv out, she led her team to the Championship against her brother. Alexis' growth from audience member to one of the league's elite is an understatement. The league is grateful that Alexis found out that it is more fun on stage than in the audience.
2013 Most Improved Performer - Anthony Kovach A "test of comedy" normally starts in your head. Do you make yourself laugh? Others? These are questions Anthony had. His desire to learn and understand comedy and improv was glaring. In improv, trying too hard is not normally the best idea. Anthony learning that, really took instruction and took the steps he needed to take to improve. He was selected to the League's All Star show, and transformed into a new refreshing, and knowledgeable performer by the end of the season. Anthony was the first official recipient of this award, and it was his hard work that helped the league decide to implement such an award.
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