The yearly All Jesters Mainstage Casts are equivalent to a sports "All Pro" team or "All American" teams. These are students that are chosen by league officials as the best performers from around the league. This is different from the All Star teams because this cast is evaluating overall talent versus performances in individual shows.

2018 High School Mainstage Cast Selections
1st Team Selections Tirza Winesett - Chaparral Maya Swift - Durango Maile Onsaga - Palo Verde Kori Shalmy - Silverado Adam Dixon - Basic Isaac Glover - Green Valley Roman Leija - SECTA Ariel Cudal - NWCTA Dezmyn Murphy - Cimmaron Portia Hiatt - Tuacahn 2nd Team Selections Ashley Davidson - Las Vegas Seth Reeder - Palo Verde Hayley Reno - Tuacahn Danette Roybal - Chaparral Misi Nau - Tuacahn Vince Plantone - Arbor View Emmy Robinson - Durango Davia Sullivan - Desert Oasis Ari Endrizai - Spring Valley Megan Sweeney - Centennial * Last updated 4/28/2018
2017 High School Mainstage Cast Selections
1st Team Selections Alberto Perez - ECTA Aryanna Cuevas - Desert Oasis Megan Sweeney - Centennial Freddie Shanel - Palo Verde Isaac Glover - Green Valley Zerick Patriana - Rancho Gillian Weatherford - LVA Kori Shalmy - Silverado Tirza Winesett - Chaparral "Duke" Gilgallon - NWCTA 2nd Team Selections Maile Onsaga - Palo Verde Ahlonne Oubichon - Clark Sydney Tresvant - Chaparral Braden Graham - ECTA Cameron Yaksitch - Green Valley Audrey Radef - Park Song Wu - Durango Chase Moore - Desert Oasis Gabby Garfield - Cheyenne "Mrs. Tulip" Cordner - Arbor View Colton Hughes - ECTA * Last updated 4/26/2017
2016 High School Mainstage Cast Selections
1st Team Selections "Duke" Gilgallon - NWCTA Jack Elton - Green Valley Hector Ortega - Valley Megan Sweeney - Centennial Audrey Radef - NWCTA Ashley Vuyk - Palo Verde Diana Martinez - Desert Oasis Ahlonne Oubichon - Clark Kaylan Brown - Cowan Royce Rozea - Bonanza 2nd Team Selections Roman Leija - SECTA JJ Campau - Cimarron Ruby Mendez - Cheyenne Dani Perez - Cowan Colton Hughes - ECTA Becca McGough - Valley Dezmyn Murphy - Cimarron Alberto Perez - ECTA Tirza Winesett - Chaparral Maile Onsaga - Palo Verde
* Last updated 4/30/2016
2015 High School Mainstage Cast Selections
1st Team Selections JJ Campau - Cimarron Cameron Coleman - LLFVA Aaron Crist - ECTA Jack Elton - LLFVA Ricky Espinosa - ECTA Ireen Lopez - Cheyenne Colton Scholl - ECTA Jordan Thomas - Desert Oasis 2nd Team Selections Omri Blit - SWCTA Melissa Clackum - Bonanza Kyle Gerdon - Centennial Roman Leija - SECTA Diana Martinez - Desert Oasis Braden Pleggenkhule - LLFVA Alex Rusche - Green Valley Ephraim Zamora - Valley
* Last updated 5/5/2015
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