The High School Jesters League consists of improv comedy teams at the high schools around Las Vegas. The teams will represent their schools and face off in a comedy show against one another. Ultimately at the conclusion of the season, the schools compete in the playoffs and a champion is crowned.


Despite the nature of competing, the goal is not to win. Non Profit organization, the High School Jesters promotes improv as a way to develop relationships, build strength and trust between one another, and demands sportsmanship.  Improv comedy is an art that can mean so much more for one’s life than just “being funny.”


If you are a high school student or 8th grader and you are a performer at heart, scared of your own shadow, or looking for a hobby, you are encouraged to join. We will try to help every high school, and anyone who participates will have an experience of a lifetime.


If interested, you must contact us right away. Every school handles their team differently and we will assist you in connecting with your team.

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